Flash Point: Plant Based isn’t Vegan

Things are getting mighty confusing with labeling, but one word of warning: items labelled or certified ‘plant based’ does not mean the item is vegan.

There are numerous products with egg, dairy and honey on the market with shiny ‘plant based’ labels, but they’re definitely not vegan.

Heck, there are even animal flesh burger patties that are over half pea protein, and could be considered ‘plant based’.

To add to the confusion, there are plant based food organizations as well, part of the plant based capitalism circle, and while they try to reduce animal derived ingredients with their label, they’re actually totally fine with animal testing (which is why they welcome companies like Just Foods and Impossible.)

The take away here is be wary of anything labelled ‘plant based’. Foods that are ‘plant based’ may not be vegan. Look for vegan labels, and to be sure, always read the label!

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Dave Shishkoff

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