Flash Point: Critique is Essential

Often misinterpreted as ‘hate’ or ‘anger’, genuine critique should be welcome in an open and honest social movement, and is essential for progressing ideas, preventing stagnation, and reducing confusion.

A favourite quote of mine from Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show) is “Scrutiny is not an attack.”

Stewart is exceptional at scrutinizing and interrogating an issue, and he wasn’t afraid to challenge the right, or his allies on the left.

When it’s focused on ‘them’, fans cheer, but when it’s directed back at ‘us’, suddenly it’s taken differently. And somehow seems worse when from an ally. But should it be?

Introspection is critical to the growth of ideas, and really sussing out ways to improve and ensure consistency. Critique of one’s own movement should be equally as welcome as critique of opponents.

If you find yourself reacting negatively to some scrutiny, it’s worth asking yourself why – there’s a good chance that you really need to dig into that matter more if it’s generating this kind of response.

Warning/Tip: scrutiny can also be abused – for example conspiracy group Qanon has a good point when saying pedophiles are bad and should be stopped…but then goes into bizarre territory somehow tying in people like Hillary Clinton and claiming that pizza shop basements are headquarters. Remember to scrutinize the entire subject, just not the part you agree with.

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