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Oreos aren't vegan. 4

Flash Point: Oreos Aren’t Vegan

“Good news for people who love bad news..“ Oreos aren’t vegan. This keeps coming up, but the fact remains they aren’t vegan. There are a number of moving parts to the matter, but here’s...

Flash Point: Vegan for Wildlife 0

Flash Point: Vegan for Wildlife

When it comes to talking about other animals, vegans most frequently speak about livestock. The focus is on chickens, pigs and cows, and there is often much less attention on wildlife. Certainly there’s an...

Flash Point: Plant Based isn't Vegan 0

Flash Point: Plant Based isn’t Vegan

Things are getting mighty confusing with labeling, but one word of warning: items labelled or certified ‘plant based’ does not mean the item is vegan. There are numerous products with egg, dairy and honey...

Flash Point: Critique is Essential 0

Flash Point: Critique is Essential

Often misinterpreted as ‘hate’ or ‘anger’, genuine critique should be welcome in an open and honest social movement, and is essential for progressing ideas, preventing stagnation, and reducing confusion. A favourite quote of mine...