Flash Point: Vegan for Wildlife

When it comes to talking about other animals, vegans most frequently speak about livestock. The focus is on chickens, pigs and cows, and there is often much less attention on wildlife.

Certainly there’s an urgency with farmed animals, and on a day-to-day basis, it’s more obvious how our choices impact their lives, but a critical question to ask is: who are we vegan for ultimately?

At some point in a future vegan world, there will be very few cows, pigs and chickens, and hopefully all living peacefully on sanctuaries. Animal agribusiness will have come to a grinding halt. There will be no more nets in the seas or aqua-farms.

The majority of ‘animal kind’ (aka non-human animals) will be wildlife and free-living animals once again. They will be the ones to inherit the vast amounts of land currently devoted to livestock, as we welcome the wilderness to reclaim these spaces.

For me, they’re the real reason I’m vegan. Their lives and communities will be our legacy for millennia, and will be the ones to benefit from the change we inspired.

A favourite wildlife mural, spotted in Vancouver, BC at Lakewood & Hastings, around 2015.
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